Established in Australia in 2010, 4Sight brings together a wealth of experience from arenas such as commercial business, sales management, business development, training, business research and sales force effectiveness. This expertise allows 4Sight to demonstrate a greater understanding and quality of service than is common from 3rd party suppliers to your industry.

Underpinning many of the projects that we run is our focus on keeping your customers' opinions and needs uppermost in the projects we run. When conducting Sales Simulation or Sales Practice programs, where we involve real customers, for example, we don't use guesswork to assess their opinions for our reports - we ask them directly! We are passionate about our clients' brands - and helping them achieve their strategic plans.

Our work is characterized by three core components: confidentiality, a meticulous attention to detail and focus on how and where sales and marketing performance may be improved. Our well-established tools and processes ensure high quality outputs and results, time and again.

In what is a fast-paced business environment, where our clients face increasing challenges to drive their brands in the market, 4Sight's role is to help identify where and how they can win - and sooner - including the real life, real time opinions and inputs of your target customers.

"4Sight allows us to strategically plan training, coaching and development that is focused on our customer needs" Top 5 Pharmaco