Some of our recent clients include the companies above. [Logos used with permission]

Testimonials - from a broad cross-section of clients

1.“My sales team and I had the good fortune to work with 4sight several years ago as we embarked on entering a new therapeutic area. The insights we gained from the program have stood us in good stead and proved very much to be a ‘line in the sand’ that defined our direction, putting us on the path to an increased understanding of our target customers and their patient’s needs. In the 3 years since we partnered with 4sight we have been able to deliver consistent product growth despite increased competition and shrinking resources on the brand. I attribute a great deal of this success to our preliminary 4sight program”

National Sales Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company, Specialist Brand, surgical disease area 

2.“As an organisation we endeavour to be the leaders of the therapeutic categories that we are in and saw the need to assess our performance rigorously with the Sales Simulation programme.
The people at 4Sight were attentive and responsive to our needs and coordinated a quality programme that ran seamlessly, providing in-depth reporting, commentary and insight to our current performance and market position. The feedback was consistent across the team including the Representatives; that the Sales Simulation programme was a positive exercise and that our customers were well engaged.”

Senior Marketer, Top 10 Pharma Company, Chronic Disease Area

3. “Our National Sales team were not achieving budget in previous years so we were seeking to identify any gaps that could help the team achieve their targets. Working with 4SIGHT enabled our Sales Team to recognise specific areas for development for both the team and at the individual level. The Sales Simulation was very worthwhile, my team enjoyed the direct feedback from customers and were able to set goals for their own development. As a result of the exercise with 4SIGHT we were able to focus on training for the National team in identified areas and our Sales Managers coached their representatives on specific personal development goals. The process enabled us to fast track and focus on the significant gaps across the team. By addressing these identified areas we believed our performance would increase.
In about 6 months post the Sales Simulation we saw the results increase with our external customers achieving NO 1 overall rating against our competitors. At 12 months the National team achieved sales targets! I believe this was a great intervention to assist to drive team performance.Thank you to the 4SIGHT Team.”

National Sales Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company,Chronic Disease Area

4.“I needed [my sales] teams to be fully prepared for the highly competitive environment that we were about to enter. Due to the 4Sight program our sales force were well prepared for the challenges ahead, the Sales Simulation program gave them an opportunity to know the customer better, know the product better and provide an opportunity to refine their selling message in a safe and real-like environment. The sales-force even commented on how well prepared they were as a result of going thru the 4Sight process. In short, this was the best investment we made in preparing our sales force for this highly important product launch. I would highly recommend the 4Sight program for any new product launch or health checks on existing products.
    APAC Regional Marketing Director, Top 15 Pharma Company, Acute Disease Area

5.“We have completed multiple projects with 4sight across our organization and we have consistently found that they provide a professional and seamless experience for colleagues going through the 4sight program.Whilst most colleagues are nervous prior to the event he ensures everyone understands every element of the day and leave feeling it was valuable and rewarding. The data we receive from 4sight allows us to strategically plan training, coaching and development that is focused on our customer needs. This helps drive and often inform our strategy and tactical sales execution.”

    Senior Training Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company, multiple chronic therapy areas

6.“I have worked with 4sight now for several years with multiple specialist teams including MSL teams and Sales/MSL Managers. Specifically we have used the Sales Simulation as well as targeted specialist feedback loops for continued growth and development. I first started working with 4Sight over 4 years ago and during this time I have found them to be focused on achieving outcomes, clear with communication, trustworthy with data, proactive and flexible with the services 4Sight provides.The 4Sight organisation strives for continual improvement and best practice. They look after our clients and have an above expected sense of customer service for all involved. The value 4sight brings has been extraordinary.An example of this is a specialist sales teams that measured below average performance compared to industry, based on 3rd party SFE metrics to being top rated performance compared to industry and this clearly reflected in sales performance and success.An outstanding result.The opportunity to gain feedback from our customers and how they interact with our organisations is a growth and development initiative that should not be underestimated. I wouldn’t hesitate in working with 4Sight in the future given the professional approach and outstanding success we have received from them.The key with the value they bring is to ensure a plan is implemented to ensure the data us utilised to its full extent.”

    Sales Training Manager, Specialist-focused Pharma Company 

7. “I sincerely wish to thank 4Sight for the excellent GP Sales Simulation session that you helped facilitate at our recent conference on in Melbourne. Given the rush to Christmas, I think we worked well together to effectively pick the right GPs and have the quality of doctors that were needed for a robust selling practise. Your flexibility to make it work for us was appreciated, and your thorough preparation of the GPs and the logistics allowed us to have a very successful day. I’ve received the USB you sent of the GP focus group recordings, thank you. This, along with the ability to have much of our staff observe the sales calls, was really valuable for us. It was vital for us to get this sort of live feedback during the launch phase of our brands. The initial response from our representatives was quite positive – we had internally set them up for success through the week and they felt they had a great opportunity to put it all together on the day in this forum. The sales managers are keenly observing the translation of the conference week out in field and whether the Sales Simulation exercise has accelerated their learning. I’m sure they are much better prepared as a result of the practice.”

    Senior Training Manager, mid-sized Pharma Company, multiple chronic disease areas 

8. “As an experienced sales manager of a team I'm a) not familiar with b) in a newly acquired role and c) in a therapeutic area I've not worked in before, I have found the 4Sight Sales Simulation invaluable. I have quickly managed to gain an initial understanding of the individual selling styles and capabilities of the team I'm now a part of.Having real doctors provide real and objective feedback in a safe and un-threatening environment is a great resource in helping the manager to develop a representative's skills, for the manager to reflect on their own coaching and ultimately to become more rounded sales people and sales managers."

    Specialist National Sales Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company, chronic disease area 

9.“We are really happy with our first 2 months in field! The feedback from the team continues to be “we couldn’t of been more prepared” So thank you for helping contribute to that with our great Sales Simulation day.”

    Brand Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company, Specialist Brand Launch, chronic disease area