Strategic Salesforce Insights

Starting with an independent and detailed 'Snapshot' of your customer-facing salespeople in action - in a controlled environment involving their real customers, and drawn from your target list, you can quickly learn where and how to drive sales performance. This core service - Call Performance Quality or CPQ™ - measures the fitness, readiness and capability of your people - individually and collectively. We recommend that you run a CPQ with your sales teams at launch (or with a new indication), at the start of a new campaign, to measure the adoption of new sales process models or simply to be ready to counter new market entrants, competing with your brands.

Post-Call Research

4Sight operates a bespoke and discreet research service - in-depth interviewing your customers after they have been called on by your salespeople. These types of research projects or Detail Follow Up (DFU) programs help you to identify unprompted and prompted message recall, track brand advocacy, brand recommendation and uncover skills (or knowledge) training needs. 4Sight's over-arching principle when running a DFU program, is to compare and contrast data from interviews with the same cohort of customers over time. A true apples to apples approach!

Advisory Panels

Staying true to our commitment to seek input from your customers in all that we do, 4Sight operates a number of Specialist Advisory Panels, consisting of selected target customers, interviewed in depth (for up to 30 minutes) on a quarterly basis across a wide range of sales and marketing effectiveness topics. Using a methodology that includes a set of general (shared or syndicated) questions, together with discreet, single client sponsored, questions, Our aim is to provide a detailed and insightful snapshot of market opinions, activity and impact - over a longitudinal timeframe.

Strategic Consultancy

We work with you to identify how well your brand strategy is being delivered in the field, ride with high performing Representatives to evaluate their impact and interview your people to determine new sales process models. Our mantra is to help you understand how marketing strategy and collateral are being delivered in the field and with what impact. Our role is to provide an objective view of how your top salespeople perform and where you can drive accelerated performance.

Time is rarely on your side in business - working with 4Sight helps you to get your team out and running from the start!